NFL Week 8 2018 Betting Tips

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It was an excellent betting week in last weeks NFL and we’re hoping for more winning NFL betting tips this week.

We started the week going 1-1 as Vin got the Texans -7 correct but incorrectly tipped the under. Texans offense was a big surprise in that one as they went to town.

Sunday Night football sees the Saints -2 on the road in Minnesota in what should be a good game. Biggest favourites of the week are the Kansas City Chiefs -9.5 against the Broncos and close behind them are the LA Rams at -9.

Packers vs Rams is also expected to be highest scoring game of the week with an O/U of 57.

Must admit it feels like a tricky week this week. Usually things jump out at me but this one I’ve really had to dive deep. Let’s get to it:

NFL Week 8 2018 Betting Tips:

Philadelphia Eagles -3.5: This is more opponent dependent than anything else. The Eagles are a 4-4 team but they are always battling well and have had some good performances even when losing.

The Eagles offense is really starting to get going and Wentz is looking good. The Jags are missing a lot of playesr due to injury both offense and defence. Sure it’s in London where the Jags generally shine but I just think the Jaguars are a beaten team at the moment and it’s going to be very hard to pick themselves up. I’m going with the Eagles and think they win by at least a touchdown.

Broncos/Chiefs Over 53.5 We all know about the Chiefs offense and what they can do but their defense lets in the points too as long as they’re going up against a quaterback that knows what he is doing.

Enter Case Keenum who has multiple games over 300 yards including a road game against the Jets. Granted their offense is a bit weak at times in terms of touchdowns but I think they have no problem getting the points against the Chiefs here. They just came off an excellent game against the Cardinalds where their offense was clicking on all cylinders and they seem to have the run game figured out. I think we see a much higher scoring game than week 4.

Hope so anyway!

Bucs vs Bengals Over 54.5: Winston returning to the Bucs has been huge and in just two starts the man has put up 5 TDs, 890 yards and 89 rushing yards. He is back with a freaking vengeance and although he has turned the ball over 5 times that’s just an indication of how aggressive he is offensively.

I like Dalton to bounce back strong as the Bucs have the worst pass defense in the NFL. Dalton will be sick after that game against the Chiefs but I think Chiefs were in their own bounce back after the Pats. I called that one this week and I think Dalton and AJ Green get rolling.

This should be an absolutely excellent game honestly and one I am really looking forward to watching. Should be very sloppy but fun and lots of points!