NHL Bets: Dec 17, 2019


Why exactly ARE Tuesdays such a busy day in the NHL? I don’t get it.

I’m not complaining of course. It’s nice to have a busy night of NHL action and a lot of games taking place. Just seems like such an odd night to have so many games especially when the days prior and after only have a couple.

It’s a weird time in the NHL right now a lot of weird results going on so I will advise that you should proceed with caution and only do small bets at this time. It seems to happen around Christmas time every year.

Let’s go through each game today and see what bets we have:

NHL Bets: Dec 17, 2019

Ducks at Flyers: The Flyers come into this on the back of a brutal 3 game losing streak where they have looked horrible. It was a bad road trip however the Flyers have been excellent at home this year. They’re one of the best home teams in the league in my opinion and even though they have a host of injuries, I think they take this one. Especially considering the Oskar Lindblom situation – that should spur them on. Flyers to Win. I don’t even hate the regulation bet here.

Sabres at Leafs: The Leafs are looking a bitb etter although it’s hard to fully count on them at the moment. Buffalo are also looking better though. Their performance against the Islanders was excellent. I think the Sabres are an excellent value play here and will be taking Sabres to win at +165 odds.

Kings at Bruins: The Bruins finally won and now it’s time to kick ass and take names. They have a decent recent record over the Kings and are a beast at home. Kings are playing well at the moment though. This one isn’t a “gimme” by any means. Bruins should win but I am a bit wary just due to the way they played prior to their win so no bet for me.

Predators at Islanders: Islanders are the better team but the Predators can really pull out random results and this seems like a spot where they may surprise. No bet for me.

Senators at Lightning:Tampa are not playing like the team we expected prior to the season beginning. They are disappointing and have a bad home record as well at 8-7-1. Sens are coming off last nights drubbing against the Panthers and I don’t think they can pick themselves up. I’ll go with Lightning -1.5.

Jackets at Red Wings: It was disappointing seeing the Wings regress again after a couple of wins. I’m not ready to write them off again yet though so no bet for me.

Hurricanes at Jets : An interesting game here. Jets are doing the business at home and it’s only on the road they have blips. However the Hurricanes aren’t a team you can really bet against. I’ll say no bet here even though I think the Jets will pull it out.

Penguins at Flames: Just don’t know if Calgary are going to regress after that loss or not. Their winning streak ended and that may have been carying them. At the odds I almost prefer Pittsburgh here.

Wild at Knights: Very surprised by the Wilds loss to the Blackhawks. Knights are starting to get going on home ice. You can see how they are motivated. Wild are probably a good price against the inconsistent Knights though.

Canadiens at Canucks: The Habs are a much better road team than home team. The Canucks are a much better home team. Makes for an interesting game. The Canucks have been struggling lately and I think the Habs are able to pull a smash and grab. Montreal to win.

Coyotes at Sharks: Coyotes get the boost with Taylor Hall. Great pickup that is for this team. I think it motivates them to a win tonight. They have been an excellent road team this season position wise and have taken a bunch of games to OT. Coyotes Win.

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