November 8th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

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Welcome to the NBA Tips for Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.

It was a night of good NBA action last night. The Cavs vs Bucks was a very tight affair but the Cavs got one in the win streak and put the Bucks on a 4 game losing stream. Not great for them.

The Mavs pulled off a surprise with a big victory over Washington. The Knicks made it three in a row with that win over Charlotte.

Raptors started off dominant against the Bulls but then almost blew it there with the Bulls having a big 4th quarter. The Raptors held them off.

Surprise as Philly dominated Utah. Philly have now won 5 in a row and are 6-4 total.

Only 5 games tonight. Here’s what we have:

Celtics vs Lakers Betting Tips:

Big game tonight and you know Lonzo Ball will be out there wanting to prove something. The Lakers come into this on a surprising two game winning streak.

But I can’t see Lonzo doing that. He’s not doing too well so far. Celtics just look like a really good and well managed team who will be able to control the Lakers.

Where it’s really going to hit home for the Lakers is the Celtics defense – at 94.45 a game they’re going to hold the Lakers in strong.

We’re taking Celtics -8.5 tonight in this one. Going to be a long night for Ball.

Pistons vs Pacers Betting Tips:

We’re going to back this one more due to the schedule than anything else.

Pistons haven’t played in a few days so are nice and rested while at home. Pacers are playing their 6th game in 9 days and are on a back to back. We think they’re going to fade down the stretch.

It’s a good one for the Pistons too as they have had time to sit and make some adjustments.

They do have a little bit of lack of depth at the moment with Leur out and Johnson questionable but I can’t see it being a fast paced game so that will accomodate them.

The Pacers are still struggling to fully figure out their offense and I think the Pistons are going to control them well tonight.

Take the refreshed Pistons to beat the Indiana Pacers and cover the spread. Tip is Pistons -6.5.