See Which Five Contenders Are Leading The Masters Towards Making A Win

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Masters tournaments, the symbolism of athleticism and youth, starts this week. With this huge event being shifted to November 2020 last year, it’s nice to see it back in the usual slot.

Golf has always been a sport that has kept the players engaged through its magnificence and elegance. Nonetheless, the key factor that has created a sense of engagement is the little event of betting “who would win this year’s tournament?”.

The trend of the Augusta where the probable winners are being hailed by the classic Green Jacket as a sign of conqueror that has been on the rise for no more than 25 years has seen some potential candidates walk the ladder of victory through many facets.

Nonetheless, pointing out the right person who would be able to do the same may seem risky. However, we have created a list of five contenders who are likely to win this season, based on a historical analysis of the last 25 years of Masters tournaments.

Five probable players that hold the potential to win this year’s tournament

At the top, we have Dustin Johnson with 8.50 and has the chances of being on the top of the tournament after he knocked it out of the park in the reigning tournament. The American 36 years old golfer has managed to win the tournament already this year helping him get the title of “No. 1 in the world”. Not only that but the 10 of the master’s events start with his name, meaning, he has been participating in the series for ten long years, including the fact that he garnered a big win last year showcases that he is a strong contender to be running for the place of Numero Uno again.

In the second we have Justin Thomas with an exclusive point of 12.00. This strong contender has garnered a win against other strong players in the Players Championship already fulfilling most of our criteria to be featured in this list. Some of his accomplishments include finishing fourth in last year’s Augusta tournament and having five years of experience at the Master’s championship. Being only 27 years old who holds the No. 2 ranks globally, this exuberant golfer fits the profile of the probable winner this year.

Third, in the list of the probable winners, this year is Brooks Koepka with a beautiful score of 17.00. This particular golfer finished second at the Masters in the year 2019. With that, managed to secure the seventh spot last year ensuring the fact it was his fifth time fighting for the Green Jacket at Augusta. Currently, this 30 years old American golfer is in 12th place globally and has an accolade that showcases his talent as he managed to have two top-five finishes to his name. One of them is Waste Management Phoenix Open in February.

For the fourth contender, we have Patrick Reed with a score of 26.00. Like Johnson, he also is a former Masters champion. Though he failed to grab the chance to be attributed with the Green Jacket in 2018, he still has a chance of having a go at it this year. The 30 years old American golfer managed to gain the seventh spot worldwide, and also gained a victory in the Farmers Insurance Open in January.

Finally, we have Webb Simpson in the fifth spot with a perfect score of 34.00. He is strong enough of a contender who can win the tournament since his last try in 2012. While he managed to get himself in the 10th spot in Masters in 2019, it has been speculated that his nine years of a long career in golfing can help him win this year. This particular player fits the age bracket set by us, and also has a good record of a top-five finish this season at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

But What Are We Basing All These Assumptions On?

We are basing this general assumption of who can give you a run for your money based on certain factors supported by the chronological study of the long 25 years of the Master’s tournament.

  • Age: Though two winners have managed to secure the Green Jacket above the age of 35, we have assumed that the chances of the tournament won by a player below the age bracket of 35 is higher. Like Woods and Speith who managed their first master championship at the age of 21.
  • Nationality: The nation that has produced the most golfers till now has the best chances of generating the next champion. So far, America has overseen the generation of winners 15 times in 25 years with a winning streak.
  • Also, we have recorded the past performance of the winner to analyse their accomplishment and create an inductive study of what it takes to be the winner. Finishing in the top-five and securing a spot in the world ranking list does the trick. All the players on this list have satisfied all our requirements and have a chance of winning.

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