September 15th, 2019 Late Sunday NFL Tips

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I’ve got some rare time this Sunday morning and so thought I would tackle the latter games taking place today in the NFL.

I’ve already covered 3 early games which are Cardinals vs Ravens, Cowboys vs Redskins and Bills vs Giants.

Also a quick reminder that I’ve written up Clash of the Champions Betting Tips for this evening.

now we’ll turn our attention to the late games.

Three late games which are Chiefs vs Raiders, Bears vs Broncos, Saints vs Rams and then Sunday Night Football which is Eagles vs Falcons.

Let’s cover all four:

Chiefs vs Raiders Betting Tips:

Looking forward to this game. The Chiefs put up 40 last week against a tough Jaguars defense as they won 40-26. The Raiders looked good as they beat the Broncos. They have an excellent offense.

You never know about Derek Carr though. Sometimes he shows up, sometims he is a disaster. However I like him to step up at home here.

The Chiefs are missing Tyreek Hill and that’s a big factor. However I think we see lots and lots of passing regardless here. I can’t see the running game being used much here.

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Bears vs Broncos Betting Tips:

The Bears were such a disappointment to me in Week 1. Trubisky is one of those guys that just has to let go and get some confidence going and he could be a real force. Those lobbing passes he does I hate so much.

Last year he started similar before getting the confidence going and playing better. However it’s a tricky one today against the Broncos. In saying that, the Broncos defense in theory should be good with Fangio there. However they couldn’t get close to Carr.

It’s one of those games where on paper, I feel the Bears should have no problem. It’s just when they actually play that they do. They have that weird timeshare at RB that just didn’t work last week too well.

I have to stick with what I feel the paper says – Bears should be able to take this one and it’ll be a sick one for Bears fans if they don’t.

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Saints vs Rams Betting Tips:

The Rams beat the Panthers 30-27. Which seems impressive until Week 2 when the Panthers lost to the Bucs and we saw how Newton performed there. The Saints had that amazing game against the Texans.

The Saints are going to put up a lot of points I believe. And I am not sure if the Rams can hang with them honestly. The Saints defence will put Goff unde a lot of pressure. The question is if fatigue will set in with the Saints after playing that emotional game.

I lean Saints, but I’m not backing this game.

Eagles vs Falcons Betting Tips:

The Eeagles beat the Redskins 32-27 last week while the Falcons were thumped 28-12 by the Vikings.

The Eagles are 1 point favourites in this close one. They looked a bit slow to begin with last week but got going eventually.

Ryan actually did better numbers than a lot of QBs do in Minnesota which says a lot.

I think with a lot of options here for the passing game, this one goes over. A lot of weapons on either side. Have to figure Falcons focus more on DeSean which opens things up.

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