Super Bowl: Rams vs Bengals Bet & Best Promo

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Well on Sunday, we will sadly wave goodbye to the NFL season as Super Bowl LVI takes place.

It is featuring the Los Angeles Rams vs the Cincinnati Bengals.

I will be quickly covering who I am betting, then highlighting the best promo to take advantage of.

Now I’m sure you’ve read tons of stuff about it all week. You probably already have your own mind made up. There’s nothing I can write that a million people haven’t already touched on.

I’ve been asked by a lot of friends this week who I should bet on. They know I do sports betting for a living, and they’ve been asking me all week long. My answer to all of them is the same:

“Why didn’t you ask me this question in week 4?”

I mean I get that they are watching the Super Bowl and want a bet on it. But if they want to make serious money in the NFL, they should be looking at betting on the regular season instead. Especially in those early weeks where the sportsbooks are yet to really catch up.

Anyway for this particular game, I like the LA Rams to Win and will probably take them Rams -4.5.

I could go on about how the Bengals pass defense is average at best, and the Rams are tearing it up in the passing game. The Bengals rushing game really lost a lot when they lost Reiff. Or that Ramsey is going to be a tough, tough choice for either Higgins or Chase.

For me – it’s just taking the playoffs themselves into account. I look at the Rams, and I feel they earned their way in here. They fought off a Bucs comeback to win. They beat a really tricky 49ers team to get here.

I don’t feel that the Bengals really did the same. I don’t mean to knock them at all, but:

– Beat a Raiders team who looked like it was one step too far.
– Beat a Titans team who squeezed Henry in but he just wasn’t the same Henry.
– Beat a Chiefs team who at the half, were replaced by the Jacksonville Jaguars in disguise.

I’ve liked the Bengals this season, and if they win then so be it. But when I look at this game I just feel the Rams have earned their spot in here more.

I’m not going to be advising any props for this one sorry. It’s the Super Bowl – bet what you freaking want! Take $100, $500, $20 – whatever the heck you want – and spread it over the most random props! This isn’t the time to bet serious money.

Enjoy the game. Go Rams.

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