XFL 2020 Week 5 Betting Tips

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the XFL Betting Tips for Saturday, March 7th.

I am more excited for todays XFL action than any other week simply because I am going to be at one of the games!!!

I will be there for the Dallas Renegades cheering them on as they take on the New York Guardians.

Can’t wait. I was super into the XFL when it debuted 20 years ago and I never thought I’d be able to actually go to a game with it closing. This is a real bucket lister so I am super excited.

So both Texas teams are in action today as the Houston Roughnecks host the Seattle Dragons and the DC Renegades host the New York Guardians.

Actually time wise I am not sure how things will go so I am just going to cover all of the XFL Betting Tips for this weekend in this post as I don’t know if I will have time to write up tips for tomorrows games.

Let’s get to it:

Dragons at Roughnecks Betting Tips:

Houston are the biggest favourite of the weekend with a 12.5 point spread for this one as they are expected to pummel the Seattle Dragons here in the opening game of the weekend.

Dragons after winning their opening game are on a 3 game losing run. Now they are going against the undefeated Roughnecks. Interesting QB situaiton at Seattle with BJ Daniels coming in and performing well for them.

I think Seattle will start strong but the Roughnecks will slowly take over. It’s a big point spread but I’ll bet 1u on Roughnecks -12.5.

Guardians at Renegades Betting Tips:

The Renegades are 7 point favourites.

The Guardians were able to beat the WIldcats last week. Luis Perez will be playing for the Guardians I expect. Would be silly to put McGloin in there. Landry Jones is going to be out again and the Renegades looked brutal without him in Week 1.

Dallas have not yet won a game at home this season which is crazy. I think missing Landry Jones will be the big one and I am going to take Guardians +7 for 3u as I believe they will keep it close if not win outright.

Battlehawks at Defenders Betting Tips:

DC Defenders are 5.5 point underdogs in this game.

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the DC Defenders. The Battlehawks meanwhile are looking hot. Cardale Jones has been struggling a bit for the Defenders.

This is an intriguing game. I think it ends up being a high scoring game with the Battlehawks running red hot and the Defenders at home putting in a good performance. I want to take Defenders here but instead will go with 1u on Over 38.5 points.

Vipers at Wildcats Betting Tips:

Vipers are 2.5 point underdogs in this one. Lets hope this primetime Sunday game is a good one. Vipers got their first win last week with the result over the DC Defenders and will be hoping to build on that.

This should be a very physical game and Josh Johnson is going to be getting a lot of pressure out there.

I think the Vipers will wear the Wildcats out and will sneak the win in this one. Vipers +2.5. 1u