(WC2014) Brazil vs Colombia Betting Tips

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Only 3 South American teams are left in the World Cup, and 2 of them will face off to open up the World Cup quarter finals on July 4th, 2014.

On July 4th, Brazil will take on Colombia with the winner of that game moving to the semi-finals, against the winners of France vs Germany. At this stage there really aren’t any easy games anymore. Well, except for Netherlands vs Costa Rica!

Brazil haven’t looked like the world beaters or favourites that they were touted as before the tournament started. They’ve had 2 big wins against Croatia and Cameroon – but really, Cameroon were a poor side, and Croatia the Brazilians struck rather lucky.

Then there was Chile. Brazil only beat them in penalties, although to their credit they were the better team and just deserved the win. However they still haven’t showed they have what it takes to be the World Cup winners. Although to be fair – very few teams actually have.

One team who HAVE looked like they are potential World Cup Winners is Colombia. They breezed through against Uruguay 2-0, with Rodriguez the star. They also topped their group with ease, and they’re really a fascinating team to watch. They just work so well as a unit, and Falcao being out seems to actually be better for them as they have bonded well.

This should be a very interesting match.

Brazil vs Colombia Betting Odds:

Brazil To Win: 4/5
Draw: 11/4
Colombia To Win: 18/5
Over 2.5 Goals: 11/10
Under 2.5 Goals: 7/10

Brazil vs Colombia Betting Tips:

Without a doubt, you need to be betting Colombia to beat Brazil. That is a bet absolutely stinking of value.

Take out the name “Brazil” for a second. Instead consider them as “Team A” and “Team B”. Then look at their track records. Team A have struggled, with two draws in 90 minutes. Team B have simply walked over every team who they have faced with relative ease.

Yet Team A are 4/5 odds and decent favourites? Nope, can’t do it.

You just have to go with Colombia here. We don’t know how they will do if they go a goal down, or if they can fight back. But at the end of the day – Brazil are this price based on their name. Based on the fact that they are the host country, that they are BRAZIL – you get the point, right?

Colombia are a beautiful price at 18/5 and this is a bet just dripping of value. Bet that one every day.

I’d stay away from the Over/Under. it’s a tricky market that. Our simulations say it goes over 50% of the time, which means both prices just don’t work out.

Bet Colombia to win.

Brazil vs Colombia Betting Props:

At this stage of the game, it’s really tricky to look at props. It’s more a case of how you think the game will do, then go with that. Or do some long shot bets.

For example – we like Colombia to win. So betting Colombia -1 at 9/1 is a good price. If Colombia are up 1-0 and Brazil are chasing the game, there’s a great chance for Colombia to do the counter.