Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 2014/2015 Week 1

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You’re always getting analysis from our point of view – the punters. The people that bet. But what about the people behind the scenes? What about the actual linesmakers? The ones that do more analyzing of sports than anyone, that then set the lines that their sportsbooks live and die from?

Each week over the course of the NFL season, we’re going to sit down with the linesmakers who set the lines at and chat to them about how the previous week went in NFL from their perspective. Did they get killed? Was it a great week?

Here is what they had to say about Week 1 in the NFL 2014-2015 season:

Great Week for the Bookies:

Any week where the underdogs dominate like they did, it’s going to be a great week for the Sportsbooks. They absolutely killed it in Week 1. Out of the 16 games, 9 underdogs covered the point spread. There were also 2 pushes which meant only 5 of the favourites won.

Just like it was a great start to the NFL season for the Seattle Seahawks, it was also a great start for Vegas.

Bets That Killed the Parlays:

Without a shadow of a doubt, the two biggest results that would kill the bettors parlays and teasers, would be the Patriots vs the Dolphins and the Bears vs the Bills. Not only did the underdog cover the spread, but in both situations they actually won the game. There would have been many, many parlays and teasers that would have crashed and burned like Aaron Rodgers on Thursday, when both the Patriots and the Bears suffered losses.

Bets that Hurt the Bookies:

As predicted, the Detroit Lions crushed the New York Giants, covering the point spread on the way. This was a very popular bet by the bettors who won some money back from the Sunday night losses they no doubt took.

Where The Money is Going in Week 2:

The punters are taking an optimistic look – they’re looking at the New England Patriots to bounce back. Patriots are a -3 point favourite at the moment over the Minnesota Vikings, and despite being on the road again, against a team that absolutely dominated the St Louis Rams, everyone still seems to believe in Tom Brady.

Another popular bet is the New Orleans Saints. They are currently half a point under the touchdown spread at -6.5 against the Cleveland Browns. Despite the Browns battling well against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 30-27 loss in Week 1, the bettors believe that the Saints will shake off their overtime loss against the Falcons, and win by at least a touchdown over Cleveland.

Finally, a lot of the money is going on the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs, expected to dominate the Titans, lost 26-10 and the punters obviously believe that was down not to how good the Titans are, but how bad the Chiefs are. They’re clearly not expecting a Colts-like comeback, as the 3rd most popular point spread bet on Week 2 at the moment is the Denver Broncos -12.5.

What do you think about these bets? Do you agree that Tom Brady is going to bounce back? Are the Browns going to fall apart against the Chargers? Put your money where your mouth is over at Sports Interaction.