UFC: Tae Kwon Twitter Challenge #1

Today is Saturday, October 4th 2014 and it’s one of many double header UFCs. We have UFC Fight Night 53 with Nelson vs Story, and UFC Fight Night 54 with MacDonald vs Saffiediene. Now we’re all big MMA fans here -s ome of us got in a few years ago, but most of us have … Read more

Follow That Jockey #1: Fontwell

Horse racing is a sport that has been bet on for years and years, and can be hard to predict, not least because horses can be temperamental at the worst of times. I’m sure if you have ever backed a horse, there have been times when the horse you have backed has reared in the … Read more

Champions League Challenge #2: Gameday Trends

You might remember our last Champions League Challenge. We went with Gameday 1 trends, and we came ridiculously close to a massive profit. Instead were were pretty much breakeven with a slight loss of about a unit. Well it’s September 30th, 2014 and that means it’s gameday 2 for the Champions League, and so we’re … Read more

Trusty Trebles #1: Easy England

Welcome to another betting challenge. The EPL 3pm games are rather dull today in terms of star power and betting opportunities. A lot of tricky odds that really don’t appeal to us. So instead we’re going to launch a new bettling challenge: Trusty Trebles. The treble part should be obvious – we’re going to be … Read more

Champions League Challenge #1: Gameday 1 Trends

The Champions League is back, and we are pumped! it makes Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons that much more fun, and we’re going to make it even funner by starting up a Champions League Betting Challenge. What we’re going to be doing is a trends betting system – basically look at the past two seasons of … Read more