OOTP 19: Baseball’s Best Simulation Review

With the start of the 2018 MLB season, it can sometimes be hard to get into the baseball mood. It’s not that warm out in a lot of the places that these teams play and cold baseball is not always the most entertaining thing to watch. Sometimes it takes a minute to get in the … Read more

OOTP 17: The Best Baseball Simulation Review

Coming out of the trade deadline, the biggest story coming out is that the Yankees were actually sellers. The richest team in all of baseball finally sold off some of it’s assets and rebuilt the farm system that had taken a hit after years and years of making big name trades. The move has been … Read more

OOTP 16: Baseball’s Best Simulation Review

Have you ever wanted to build your own MLB farm system? Do you wish your team would only draft hitting prospects because of the limited risk involved? Have you ever wanted to lowball a player in arbitration? Do you ever think of trading for a player with a year left on his contract in order … Read more

Football Manager 15 Simulation: Torres Returns!

It’s that time of the year – the middle of December, just a couple of weeks before the transfer window opens, and the rumours are already flying. One of our favourite rumours is Fernando Torres going back to Liverpool. Can you imagine that? Liverpool, having all of these striker problems since Suarez left. Torres, who … Read more

NHL 15 Simulation: Opening Night 14/15 Season

Tomorrow is the start of the NHL season for 2014/2015 and everyone here at the Sports Betting Tips offices are very excited. We’re so excited, that we couldn’t wait. We teamed up with our friends at BetNHL.ca, took a break from NBA 2K15(holy crap is that game amazing), and put on NHL 15 so we … Read more

Football Manager 14 Simulation: Messi in Clyde

He’s one of the worlds best players – but have you ever wondered how Lionel Messi would do outside of Spain? Even more importantly – just how good IS HE? There’s no doubt he is one of the worlds best, but what if he was forced to play without the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro … Read more