EPL Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Tips: Week 1

On a weekly basis, I will be doing EPL Betting Tips. I will not be posting them on SBT at least initially. It’s completely free and Graeme has had two big winning weeks with the Scottish Premier League and CFL with those exclusive tips. Subscribe here: I do want to do SOME soccer content on … Read more

Fantasy Football Sleepers: Week 16

We’re getting close. The end is near and there is nothing we can do about it. Only two weeks of regular season fantasy football left. Sure, there is still fantasy football in the playoffs and it is a lot of fun in it’s own way, but the craziness of the regular season isn’t there. Ben … Read more

Fantasy NFL Sleepers: Week 15

I have a new nickname for myself: the 10 AM Tinkerer. I’ve given myself this nickname because no matter how much time, how much energy or how much research I put into building my daily fantasy team, at 10AM on Sunday morning I will tinker with my lineup. It never fails. No matter how strongly … Read more

Fantasy NFL Sleepers: Week 14

This is it, this is my life now. I was eliminated from my week to week fantasy league this week on a stupid tie-breaker. Getting eliminated sucks, but it frees me up to focus fully on daily fantasy which is what I want to do anyways. All season long I have thought about these last … Read more

Fantasy NFL Sleepers: Week 13

I took a week off last week for vacation and didn’t even bother with daily fantasy football. It was nice to take a step back, not think about fantasy and just watch some football. It’s not really as fun to watch this way, but it was nice for a week. Even though I was trying … Read more

Fantasy Football Sleepers NFL 14/15 Week 11

I realized something last week: I’m biased against the Packers. All of the signs pointed to the big game that we had last week and Aaron Rodgers going off definitely fit into my “start a QB who plays in prime time theory”, but I didn’t start any Packers. Why? Because I live in Wisconsin and … Read more